California actor Jay Lopez was brought up alone by his mother and, inspired by his own story, wrote the screenplay for "Sin Padre" (Without a Father), a film to which he is now giving the finishing touches for its presentation at Latino film festivals.

"The movie is about a teenager called Juan, who, when his school asks him to write an essay about his dad, begins asking his mom and his aunt questions about why he never had a father," Lopez said in an interview with Efe.

He said "it's a story that Asians, African Americans, Latinos and any other race can identify with if they've never had a father in their life and they know how hard being a teen is if there's never been a man in the house."

Born on May 20, 1984 in San Francisco, Lopez is the son of Honduran immigrants.

"Sin Padre" was shot in March 2012 in San Francisco's Mission District.

"I only spent about $1,000" on production, "because I work at a movie production company where we have all the equipment, plus the actors all wanted to be in my film and they worked for free," Lopez said.

The film is scheduled to premiere in September at the San Francisco Latino Film Festival. EFE