Lissette Alvarez presented Tuesday in the United States her 50th album "Soles" (Suns), whose title cut means something very special for the Cuban singer.

"I performed that song many years ago but I never recorded it - it's a number like an anthem with a mantra that goes 'though we don't see it, the sun is always there,'" the artist told Efe.

The new album is dominated by romantic ballads with "organic arrangements that can last through time - strings, piano, guitar and songs all about love," Alvarez said.

The singer-songwriter said she was very eager to debut "Soles" because she went several years without recording a disc of her own and this album was in production for 2 1/2 years.

"I'm very excited, I hope all the people who like my music enjoy it and that those who are unacquainted with it also enjoy it so they stay with me," said the artist, who has 12 gold records to her credit.

In June, the singer will give a concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she will promote "Soles" and in the not-too-distant future she would love to promote the disc around Central and South America in countries like Peru, Venezuela and Argentina.

Besides promoting her disc, Alvarez, who is married to fellow musician Willy Chirino, has plans "for television, concerts and theater. We're in talks for doing theater and television in different countries."

Lissette has acted in telenovelas and films, including "Winter Kills" with Jeff Bridges and Anthony Perkins, and two Emmy-winning U.S. television specials.