Now recovered from the exhaustion he suffered several months ago, Juanes has called off his announced temporary retirement with the launch of his first acoustic disc "Juanes MTV Unplugged," and plans for a world tour.

If all goes according to schedule the tour will kick off in Mexico at the end of August and head for Spain and other European countries in October. He will then continue on to Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

He is promoting his latest work with a brand new single, one of three on the album, called "La Señal" (The Sign) and which, according to its composer in an interview with Efe Tuesday in Madrid, is about the "constant search for answers" that we often find within ourselves.

Juanes himself received an "important" sign a relatively short time ago, though in his case it was a danger signal. "I decided to make a brief stop to redefine my career, to decide what I really wanted to do," he said.

The much-needed stop came after his tour of Spain last year. He enjoyed several months of peace and quiet working at home - until he got the invitation from MTV.

That led to a concert recorded last February in Miami, which will debut May 27 on the MTV network in Latin America and June 2 in Spain.

That in turn made use of two projects he had in mind ever since meeting several months earlier with two Latin music all-stars: the Dominican Juan Luis Guerra, producer of the concert, and Spain's Joaquin Sabina, with whom he composed and sang "Azul" (Blue).