After a month at the top, it appears a romantic comedy has over taken "The Hunger Games" at the box office.

For the first time in four weeks, the ensemble comedy “Think Like a Man” took the top spot as the week’s highest grossing film.

With an all star cast, including Carmelo Anthony’s Nuyorican wife La La, the film is based off of Steve Harveys’ widely popular book, “Act Like a Lady. Think Like a Man” and follows his observations on romantic relationships between men and women.

At the film’s New York City premiere, Anthony gave out some relationship advice of her own.

“Men and women do think and function differently and you have to recognize and know that … women definitely act off of emotion, where men have a tendency not to,” Anthony told

“I just think that as women sometimes reacting off of emotions can get us in trouble and we have to learn to just take that moment and process and then react -- which is what a man normally does, is the premise of thinking like a man.”

With the movie’s $33 million opening weekend, “Think Like a Man” performed well beyond Sony’s most optimistic predictions.

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