Shakira is certainly paying for flubbing the Colombian anthem at the Americas Summit earlier this week, as now a video game has been created inspired by her flub.

Peopleenespañ reports that, on the website, people can play a video game that takes off from the lyrics the Colombian singer actually uttered:  “la libertad de ublime” --instead of “libertad sublime.”

As the online game begins, Shakira’s voice is heard singing Colombian’s national anthem -- with the flubbed lyrics. An animated character then declares “Shakira has inspired me! I must save Ublime,” and sets off to do so. The player must keep him on track and make sure he does not fall into the jungle as the curves and obstacles he faces get bigger. 

Shakira pulled her Christina Aguilera moment at the VI Summit of the Americas.

To make matters worse, an edited and dubbed version of the performance has reappeared in Shakira’s official YouTube, showing Shakira singing the correct words.

In did not take long for the small flub to hit Twitter, as fans could not believe the Colombian native messed-up her national anthem.

“Shakira needs to be told to learn the [Colombian] national anthem,” tweeted a fan named Juan Carlos Iragorri. “The words are “en surcos de Dolores” not “el surco…”

Turns out Shakira misfires in two different sections of the Colombian anthem.

Instead of singing “¡En surcos de Dolores,” Shakira said “El surco de Dolores.” The Baranquilla-born singer also sang: “La libertad de ublime,” instead of saying “La libertad sublime.”

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