Rumors are swirling that the baby stork paid Mark Anthony and his much younger girlfriend, Shannon De Lima, a visit. 

Latina magazine reports that Shannon de Lima raised eyebrows over the weekend after several of her tweets hinted she was expecting a baby.

“There once was a butterfly that was so in love she felt people in her stomach,” de Lima posted on Twitter. “Happy and in love…with life!!!” 

After the speculation intensified, de Lima seemed to have deleted the comment on her Twitter account.

Nevertheless, she left other emotional tweets for the world to see.

“True love is not physical or emotional,” De Lima tweeted. “True love is accepting that everything that has been, will be and will continue to be in the world.”

De Lima, 24, and the salsa crooner professed their love on Twitter earlier this year, shortly after Marc’s ex-wife, superstar Jennifer Lopez, revealed she was dating Casper Smart.

From the looks of it, Marc Anthony is thrilled with his new girlfriend.

“To my @shadelima my statue of peace. Kisses baby,” tweeted the Grammy-award-winning crooner back in January.

He then retweeted what appears to be a fan who posted a photo of him and De Lima kissing and hugging.

The tweet, fired off by Saray Emme Flores, said “Could this be @MarcAnthony’s new love?”

Marc Anthony’s son, Chase Muñiz, whom he adopted when he was with his first wife, Debbie Rosado, also congratulated his father on Twitter.

“My dad is happy I’m happy. Love you dad!!!!!!!!!”  Muñiz posted. Still, Muñiz said that he would always love JLO.

As for JLO, she continues to show her fans she and Smart are a solid couple.

Lopez, 42, debuted her latest scandalous music video, “Dance Again,” on American Idol Thursday night where she and Casper Smart show a lot of skin and sexy scenes.

The video cuts to steamy scenes of the two lovebirds as they dance and grind on one another, while the lyrics are of Lopez singing about how she loves to make love.

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