TV’s funny man Alec Baldwin may just be leaving NBC after reporters from The Today Show were staking out his apartment Wednesday morning in New York City, waiting to ambush him and his new fiancée as they left their Manhattan building.

“I think I'm leaving NBC just in time,” Baldwin tweeted on Wednesday. “Outside my apt today, alongside the other stalkers from the tabloid press, a crew that identified themselves as being with the Today Show,” he wrote.

“No one from NBC contacted me until the Today Show arrived at my apt,” he added in a separate tweet. “I haven't appeared on the Today Show in many years. But did they have to camp outside my apt.?

Certainly it feels like Baldwin feels betrayed by his employer.

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Earlier this week Baldwin also slammed the New York Daily News on twitter after the publication sent a few reporters to get photos of his much younger Latina fiancée Hilaria Thomas.

Baldwin and Thomas have made headline in the last week after confirming their engagement.

The actor proposed to his 28-year-old yoga instructor girlfriend, while the two were on a romantic weekend getaway.

According to the New York Daily News, the actor popped the question with a square “cut Cartier sparkler that one source described as “huge, very clear, perfect clarity.”

Alec Baldwin Engaged to Much Younger Latina Beauty, Hilaria Thomas

“Two reporters from the daily News crashed @HilariThomas’ yoga class today to take photos and post pictures,” a furious Baldwin tweeted last week.

“Shame on the no-talent trash from the Daily News for invading the privacy of 75 people in a yoga class to take a picture of someone,” Baldwin added.

He then expressed his disappointment with the publication, which he once approved of.

“Rest in Peace, the New York Daily News, which once was a good newspaper,” Baldwin continued. “Now [they] run the same trash that runs the Post,” he added.

Baldwin and Thomas also made sure the the Twitter community knew their feelings on Baldwin’s alleged stalker Genevieve Sabourin now that she’s in the hands of the authorities.

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“Isn’t it odd when an accused stalker is in handcuffs, being taken away by the cops, yet smiles for the cameras?” Baldwin tweeted on Tuesday. “My friend’s text: The last women to smile with handcuffs on were the Manson girls,” he posted.

Thomas backed her man up on Twitter.

“Life stops when u let crazy people dictate ur activities,” she tweeted on Tuesday in reply to a fan who told her she shouldn’t post her yoga teaching schedule online.

The couple then sent love messages back and forth.

“I am lucky and grateful in my life now, no matter what the motivations of certain others,” Baldwin Twitted Thomas.

In response she told her beau “It’s a 2way st amor.”

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