Spanish singer Julio Iglesias has just bought a $15.2 million mansion on an exclusive island in north Miami's Intracoastal Waterway, The Miami Herald reported.

The 68-year-old singer is revving up the Indian Creek Village real estate market with his purchase of the 510-sq.-meter (5,580-sq.-foot) home, which he will then dwarf by building a far bigger mansion on an adjoining plot of land he owns valued at $7.2 million.

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Iglesias plans to renovate the mansion-plus-yachting wharf that he just made his own and settle there, late this year with wife Miranda Rijnsburger and their five kids - Miguel Alejandro, 14, Rodrigo, 13, Victoria and Cristina, 10-year-old twins, and Guillermo, 4.

The singer, meanwhile, plans to supervise from his new home the construction on the adjoining vacant lot a 2,000-sq.-meter (22,000-sq.-foot) hacienda on the island off Miami Beach, an exclusive residential area with its own golf course.

"After a lifetime of traveling the world, I can say that Indian Creek is my favorite place on the planet," Iglesias told Iglesias reigned in the new year as the best-selling Spanish recording artist of all time both at home and abroad, as he was he accepted a prize for that double achievement from his record label.

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The singer was handed the award by tennis player Rafa Nadal, from one winner to another.
Iglesias will continue singing where invited, but his time of awards ceremonies and public events, the singer announced, probably ended with Friday's event at the Cervantes Institute.

The man who sold 26 million discs in Spain and 300 million in the rest of the world, badly missed his mom and dad at what he called "the most important moment" in his 44-year career, though he hailed the presence of Nadal, "the greatest Spanish athlete in history."

Iglesias gave thanks for his prize to all who bought his discs, went to one of his concerts and gave him their time.

Fresh off Spain's recent Davis Cup triumph, Nadal praised his friend, the "great person" behind the famous artist, whose support he as always been able to count on "in difficult moments."

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