Before William Levy was signed up to do Dancing With the Stars, it was Ranchera singer and actor Pablo Montero that was set to steal America’s hearts, is reporting.

Montero, who recently participated in Univision’s beauty contest, "Belleza Latina," admitted that he was all set to compete on the dance show, but dropped out  because he does not speak English.

He says he then told Levy he should take his place.

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“I had a meeting with all the producers and I needed to sign up for an English course,” Montero told the entertainment publication. “After that, things got complicated and I wasn’t able to do it. But I was confirmed to do it.”

Despite not being able to go shake his tail feather on the live dance competition, Montero says he is happy to see his fellow Latino actor doing well on the show.

“He is doing it [DWTS] with the right intentions,” Montero said. “[With] all the enthusiasm.”

His advice to the Cuban hunk? To keep up the good work.

“He should keep doing things the way he is doing them,” said Montero.

Other Latinos who have been involved with Dancing With the Stars include last year's Mirror ball trophy winner J.R. Martinez.

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Telenovela actor Cristián de la Fuente and TV host Mario Lopez have also danced on the hit show.

William Levy had the crowd going wild at the two-hour season premier of Dancing With the Stars last week.  

The telenovela star donned a sleek, gelled Mohawk, a sleeveless leather shirt and tight pants, which showed off his toned figure and defined muscles.

Suave as ever, he bit his lip as the camera did a close-up of his face, and then smiled for his female admirers, who began applauding and chanting for Levy before he even began performing.

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