Ricky Martin is making a splash in his return to Broadway.

Along with costar, Elena Roger, the two have embarked on a "fascinating trip" in "Evita," a work in which he feels comfortable in the skin of "Che," who, he said, "can be so many people at the same time. He's a chameleon."

The 40-year-old singer and Roger, who makes her Broadway debut as Eva Peron, on Monday began the previews leading up to the April 5 premiere of this new production of the famous musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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Martin, currently sporting a moustache as a means of getting into character for the role, said the same thing is happening in "Evita" as in his 1995 Broadway debut in "Les Miserables."

"I speak in the name of the people and in 'Les Miserables' I did the same through the character of Marius - there's a similarity," he told a crowded press conference after the curtain came down on the first preview presentation of "Evita."

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He also said that speaking for others is something he has done throughout his stage career.
"I've felt emotions onstage that I never felt before, it has strengthened me as a person and as an artist," the singer told the press conference held in both English and Spanish.

Martin also said that he has come to "another place mentally, physically, and spiritually right now, and it's been a great journey. I'm here to grow and to learn. It's been a fascinating trip."

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