Romeo Santos, one of the leading exponents of urban bachata music in the United States, said he's "excited" about his upcoming tour of Latin America.

"I still don't know when we'll start the tour, we're polishing up the final details - but I can tell you I'm eager to travel all over Latin America and we specifically want to go to Chile, Mexico and Venezuela," Santos said in a telephone interview with Efe.

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The former lead singer of Aventura, who topped Billboard's Tropical Albums chart with his first solo album "Formula: Vol. 1," will appear Friday in the Washington area on his tour of 14 U.S. cities.

Santos appeared more than pleased about the reception he's getting from audiences on his first tour as a soloist, having sold out venues such as New York's Madison Square Garden.

His U.S. tour winds up on March 25 in Las Vegas and the next logical step, he said, will be performing in Latin America, where the bachata has soared in popularity over the past few years.

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Singer-songwriter Santos sees his compositions as a way of conveying to young people in and out of the United States, but above all to those born in this country, his love for Hispanic culture and language.

"It's really sad for me that in the United States the Latino community is losing its culture and language, especially among kids born here - a lot of them can't even speak our language," he said.

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