Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra several years ago ended his affiliation with the congregation where he was baptized as a Christian because of his wife's jealousy of the pastor who had guided him on that new road, the clergywoman revealed.

Pastor Lucy Cosme, who heads the evangelical Villa Bendicion ministry, said that Guerra's wife Nora accused her of being in love with her husband and taking his money, and she spoke with the much-honored artist and asked him to leave Cosme's congregation.

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The pastor said she had baptized Guerra when he decided to become a Christian and she confirmed that she was his spiritual guide for about four years, during which time the star was voluntarily retired from the stage.

Cosme acknowledged in her remarks, which were aired on the television program "El especial con Colombia Alcantara," that Guerra’s withdrawal from her ministry caused her "great sadness," but given the situation that had arisen with his wife, they mutually decided to permanently distance themselves from one another.

Guerra is the best-internationally-known Dominican artist and currently the local press is reporting that in April he will offer three concerts in Australia as part of his "Asondeguerra" world tour.

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