Actress Angelina Jolie managed to get a promise from Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar during an event in Los Angeles for directors competing for the Golden Globe for best foreign language film that he would include her in one of his future projects.

Jolie interrupted an interview she was doing at the entrance of Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre to ask Almodóvar, who was arriving, for a role in one of his future films.

Hey, That Guy's Not Latino! 

"When are you going to give me a part? Someday?" Jolie asked the director of "Talk to Her" (2002).

"Don't worry, you're young," a surprised Almodóvar replied.

"But you promise that someday?" Jolie said.

"Yes, absolutely. This is a commitment in front of the cameras," Almodóvar said, reminding the actress that they met in Los Angeles when she had just finished "Girl, Interrupted" (1999) and he had released "All About My Mother" (1999).

Celebs and their Little Ones

Jolie and Almodóvar won Oscars for those films, with the American actress garnering the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Spanish director winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

"I love her," Almodóvar said later, adding that he was working on a project set in New York that could be filmed in the United States in English if "the right script" can be found.

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