The last episode of the Univision soap opera "La fuerza del destino" was the most-viewed television program this past Monday in the United States, a broadcast that was bittersweet - however - due to the death of one of its stars, Mexican actor Pedro Armendariz Jr.

The soap was watched by 8 million viewers, with a special program of "Don Francisco Presenta" coming in a distant second with 3.6 million, making the Spanish-language network the most-heavily-viewed on that day in the entire country.

The final episode of "La fuerza del destino" exceeded the number of viewers tuning in to ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, and it even garnered more market share than all those networks combined among viewers 18-34 years of age in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and New York, all cities with large Hispanic populations.

Univision aired on Monday in prime time broadcast a two-hour special final episode of the soap in which David Zepeda and Sandra Echeverria starred in the roles of Ivan and Lucia, respectively, and in which Armendariz portrayed Anthony Macguire, Ivan's adoptive father.

Armendariz, 71, died in a New York hospital from cancer of the eye.

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