Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira is weighing the possibility of taking up writing in the future and so follow in the footsteps of her father, William Mebarak Chadid, who has just launched in Bogota his book "Al Viento y al Azar" (As the Wind Blows and by Chance), which the pop star helped edit.

"If he could decide to write a book at 80, I think I have a few years left to put my ideas on paper," the singer said Monday at an event where the love of literature of this Colombian family of Lebanese origin was more than obvious.

Besides debuting as an editor, the singer wrote the introduction to the book, where she described it as a "heterogeneous" volume that brings together some of Mebarak's poems, journalistic articles and stories of his first loves with an anecdotal tone typical of the Colombian Caribbean.

Francesc Sole, president of the Grupo Planeta that published the book in Colombia, said that the octogenarian is "in his prime" as a writer, and that in fact Mebarak is working on a new book that this time will have his daughter as the main character, "a book about achievement."

Shakira and Mebarak were sitting informally at the event, he on a sofa and she on the arm of a chair, and made it clear during their talk with Sole and the Colombian writer Mauricio Vargas that their close family ties are strengthened by the artistic admiration they have for one other.

Shakira thanked her parents for "the great support" and confidence they gave her from the time she started composing at age 7 or 8, which she believes is what allowed her to develop her musical talent.