Mexico's Demian Bichir is reaping the fruits of his recent labor with his nomination for an Independent Spirit Award 2012 for best actor for his role in the film "A Better Life."

"We received the good news that Demian Bichir was nominated for the Independent Spirit awards, which is fantastic for us as a small production company," Chris Weitz, the film's director, told Efe.

Weitz, who 10 years ago received an Oscar nomination for best director for "About a Boy," said that his earnings from directing the 2009 blockbuster "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" enabled him to invest in stories that he has always wanted to bring to the screen.

"Filming 'A Better Life' would have been cheaper for me in Canada: but at a cost of $10 million I filmed it in Los Angeles to have the exact environment in which the character (operates)," he said.

Bichir plays the role of an undocumented immigrant gardener who works hard to provide his son with what he needs for a better life.

Dolores Huerta, the cofounder of the United Farm Workers union, told Efe that Weitz made "A Better Life" with such heart because he is the grandson of Mexican actress Lupita Tovar.

"An award from the cinematographic industry for 'A Better Life' would help to get across the message to everyone that immigration reform is necessary so that working people won't suffer in that way," Huerta said.