A year after becoming a mom, Paulina Rubio says her latest disc "Brava!" is a tribute to the "courage of women who work and are the mainstay of the family."

The album, she says, "has come out as pure exploding gunpowder," and that it couldn't be any other way after a year of such intense emotion during which she lost her father and had the first baby of her marriage to Spanish businessman Nicolas Vallejo-Najera.

"We have to care about what really matters. Material things may help us enjoy life, but they're not happiness," said the singer, who calls her new disc "a celebration of life" with "a lot of energy, though also with its sensitive moment."

The disc rocks with plenty of danceable numbers like "Me Gustas Tanto" (I Like You So Much), but emotion takes over with "Que Estuvieras Aqui" (If Only You Were Here), written in memory of her father.

In February 2012 she kicks off a new tour that she says will be another heart-pounding moment for someone who, 20 years after her first solo album came out and with close to 30 million discs sold, continues to deserve her title of the "golden girl" of Latin pop music.