Grammy-winning rap duo Calle 13 on Monday joined the efforts of Unicef in a campaign to raise awareness about child trafficking and exploitation in Latin America.

"We want to cooperate on any campaign that helps the development of young people and Latin American countries. For me, it's very important. Latin America worries me because for us, we're comfortable in the United States and Puerto Rico ... (but) there it's uncomfortable," singer-songwriter Rene Perez, known as "Residente," told Efe.

On Tuesday, the MTV Latin America and Tr3s networks will present the documentary "Esclavos invisibles" (Invisible slaves) produced with Unicef and directed by Perez and musical partner Eduardo "Visitante" Cabra, about how this problem is affecting Latin America.

The Puerto Rican group on Monday unveiled the campaign at Unicef's headquarters in New York and announced that it donated the rights to Perez's composition "Preparame la cena" for the music video of this first campaign about the trafficking and exploitation of children, teenagers and young people in Latin America.

"We've traveled practically all through Latin America and we know about this and other problems. So, I worked on the number 'Cancion para un niño en la calle' along with Mercedes Sosa, which speaks about children who are exploited sexually, at work, who wind up addicted to drugs," Perez said.