Diego "El Cigala," Remedios Amaya and Enrique "El Negri" Heredia have joined together to bring out the album "Mexico Flamenco," which goes on sale this week and fuses flamenco with Mexican standards.

Works by Agustin Lara, Jose Jose, Vicente Fernandez and Jose Alfredo Jimenez are reborn with Gypsy voices, while Catalan singer Silvia Perez Cruz and Venezuela's Oscar d'Leon perform a duo with El Cigala.

This fusion of 21st-century flamenco with traditional Mexican songs also features several other stars, such as Montse Cortes, Vicente "Parrita" Castro, Guadiana, Jose "Sorderita" Soto, Aurora Losada, bolero singer Moncho and the duo Los Banis.

Among the 14 songs included in the album are Jose Alfredo Jimenez's "Si nos dejan," performed by El Negri, "La nave del olvido," which was a hit for Jose Jose and is covered by Montse Cortes, and Agustin Lara's "Solamente una vez," which is performed by Sorderita.

The artists top off the album by performing "El ultimo trago," one of Jose Alfredo Jimenez's best-known songs, together.

Even though the CD's theme is traditional Mexican music, it wraps up with "Mexico en la piel," a 1990 work by Jose Manuel Fernandez Espinosa that Luis Miguel turned into a worldwide hit 14 years later.

The version of the song on the album features two children's choirs from Spain and Mexico.

"Mexico Flamenco" was produced by Antonio "Barullo" Cortes Moreno and marks the debut of Bucono Music on the Spanish market.