Colombian singer Shakira is performing on Tuesday in the western Indian city of Udaipur as part of the private celebration of the 80th birthday of real estate tycoon K.P. Singh, India's media said.

The popular creator of the hit "Waka Waka" landed late Monday night at an airport where hundreds of her fans had gathered, although for security reasons they were kept at a substantial distance from the Latino artist, according to the IANS news agency.

Shakira will perform on Singh's private island, where she will arrive in a boat decorated for the occasion, and she will be accompanied by several Bollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan, Express India newspaper reported.

This is Shakira's second visit to India, having performed in the city of Mumbai in 2007.

Shakira, a Unicef goodwill ambassador since 2003, will also take advantage of her stay in India to visit a girls school.