Puerto Rican rapper Vico C on Tuesday released his latest album, "Colaboraciones de ayer y hoy," on which he presents his hits of the past decade and includes numbers performed with La Mala Rodriguez, Jarabe de Palo and Alejandra Guzman.

The album includes songs by the so-called "Philosopher of rap" performed along with the Argentine Christian group Rescate, Puerto Rican salsa star Gilberto Santa Rosa, reggae band Cultura Profetica and rappers Tego Calderon, Eddie Avila, Arcangel, Redimi2, D'Mingo and DJ Tony Touch.

Luis Armando Lozada, "Vico C," told Efe that on the album he emphasizes the diversity of styles with which he has worked during his more than 20-year-career, which he began as one of the pioneers of the urban musical genre in Latin America.

"When you analyze it, I've done a lot in my career. The musical variety has been here consistently without taking away ... (my) essence as an artist," the 40-year-old rapper said.

The oldest song on the album is "Tiempo," which was first included on his 2001 album "De vuelta y vuelta," which Vico C at that time recorded along with Jarabe de Palo, while Spanish rapper La Mala Rodriguez collaborated with him on "Vamonos po' encima" and with Guzman on the rock number "Mala hierba."

Despite the many collaborations Vico C has undertaken during his career, he still yearns to do a song with Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, whom he described as "the most complete Latino artist on the musical level."