Mexican actress Ana Serradilla "fulfilled a dream" by participating in the dubbing of the successful film "Cars 2," in which she voiced the Spanish-language part of character Holly Shiftwell.

Serradilla was in Miami to present the DVD put out by the Disney Pixar animated film studio which will go on sale in the United States and Mexico on Nov. 1.

"Cars 2" became a box office success after it was released on June 24 and, so far, it has earned $551 million worldwide.

The Mexican actress brings to life for Spanish-speaking audiences a new character, Holly Shiftwell, "a detective who becomes involved in a series of problems caused by the crane Mate."

She admitted that when they told her she would be dubbing the voice of a new character, a purple car - her favorite color - she thought that "everything was going to be perfect."

Two films have just been made featuring Serradilla, "Los Inadaptados" and "Preludio." In the coming months, two others will be released: "Espacio Interior," a film based on real events that tells the story of a kidnapping, and "Pastorela" directed by Emilio Portes.

Serradilla confessed that she was "very happy because lots of work is coming (my way) in the coming months," because in addition to moviemaking, she is also hoping to take part in a theater work and a series on TV Azteca.

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