La Santa Cecilia is using the visibility provided by a Latin Grammy nomination to promote their EP "Noche y citas."

The Los Angeles-based group's "La Negra" will be one of the tunes vying for the Best Tropical Song award at the Nov. 10 Latin Grammy gala in Las Vegas.

"It was something we really didn't expect, but it filled us with much joy," accordionist Jose Carlos said in an interview with Efe during a visit to Miami. "How fantastic, to be nominated along with Calle 13 and Gilberto Santa Rosa."

Accompanying Carlos were lead singer Marisoul and guitarist Gloria Estrada. Bassist Alex Bendaña, percussionist Miguel Ramirez and drummer Hugo Vargas complete the lineup.

Though La Santa Cecilia was founded in 2007, it was only last year that the band came to the attention of Grammy-winning producer Sebastian Krys, who liked what he heard during a showcase organized by the BMI label.

Krys produced the group's second EP, a four-song set, including "La Negra," that offers a taste of La Santa Cecilia's heady stew of cumbia, bossa nova, bolero, tango, blues, jazz and rock.

"We are a fusion, a mixture of the traditional, the Latin American, but also of American pop music," Marisoul says.