Colombian singer-songwriter Santiago Cruz wants more live radio and television slots opened for recording artists, saying they could use those spaces to promote new Latin American values.

Cruz, who currently is promoting his latest album, "Cruce de Caminos" (Crossroads), in Mexico, said the region is home to a range of talented recording artists but that they do not have the same contact with the public previous generations had through these types of programs.

In an interview with Efe, the singer said that even with the advent of social-networking sites such as Facebook, "it's always much better to have the support of radio and television" because they allow greater interaction "with audiences from all social classes."

He said he is proud to be part of a boom of talented Colombian popular musicians such as Carlos Vives, Aterciopelados, Juanes, Shakira, Fonseca and others, but he added that "even they are looking for spaces."

Regarding "Cruce de Caminos," which has just been released in Mexico, he said it is a collection of 11 acoustic songs that are based on his own personal experiences.

"I want my music to go straight to the heart," Cruz said, stressing his "need to write."

The recording artist said that apart from his music he is proud of other "difficult tasks" he faces as his country's recently named Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program.