Spain's Crown Prince Felipe recognized the late writer Miguel Delibes (1920-2010) as "one of our most outstanding ambassadors" of the Spanish language and culture.

"In the international context, the work of Delibes makes him one of our most outstanding ambassadors, especially insofar as the teaching of Spanish" is concerned, the prince said Monday during the presentation in Valladolid of the Miguel Delibes Foundation.

About 500 people gathered in the auditorium of the Miguel Delibes Cultural Center to attend the ceremony for the foundation that, in the words of Prince Felipe, finds in the naturalist viewpoint which the author used throughout his work "another horizon and a new field for study."

The foundation emerges as "an indispensable instrument for developing the legacy of excellence of a great man" and from a body of work, his own, "that will redound to the benefit of culture in Spanish and the heritage of all of Spain," the prince concluded.

The seven children of the novelist head a foundation that has as its objectives disseminating his personal and literary legacy, but also spreading the values he blended into his work all during his career as a storyteller and journalist, including the Christian humanism exuded by his writings, social justice, solidarity and the defense of the rural world, according to Elisa Delibes, his daughter and the foundation's president.