Mexican wrestler Blue Demon Jr., a recent contestant on Univision reality competition "¡Mira Quien Baila!" (Look Who's Dancing!), said he has plans to write a candid memoir.

After 27 years behind the trademark mask, the adopted son of wrestling legend Blue Demon says he is anxious to open his heart to fans.

"I have a lot to tell, though, of course, I'm not thinking of revealing my identity," he told Efe. "But what's important is not the name; it's the lived experience and the anecdotes. I'm going to bare my soul."

"I don't consider myself special," the 45-year-old Demon said. "I'm an average, ordinary human being, only in my profession have I distinguished myself."

The memoir will not offer any fodder to the tabloids or gossip magazines, he said.

"I only have good memories of my childhood and youth. I had a beautiful childhood, with positive values," Blue Demon Jr. said. "Those values continue to thrive in my life."