Ricardo Arjona presented in Mexico his new disc "Independiente," marked by the "extreme freedom" with which he composed it.

"While enjoying extreme freedom one ought to be aware of the huge responsibility it is to be free, though it seems ironical, because freedom used badly can take you the wrong way," the Guatemalan singer-songwriter said in an interview with Efe.

He said the 14 songs on "Independiente" took him a year to compose.

"The raw material of this industry are its songs, but songs and songwriters are the most battered about and the most forgotten from the word go. It's these little things we have to try and change," Arjona said.

Publishing a disc under his own recording label, Metamorfosis, has given him the control over his work he is looking for.

"You can't be the architect of the songs' success, but you can be the architect of getting the songs the right treatment," he said.

The album's first single "El Amor" (Love) is already a hit in many Latin American countries.

The concert tour to promote "Independiente" will begin in February in the central Mexican city of Toluca in a little theater where Arjona usually kicks off his tours - because it brings him good luck, he said.