Juanes' former manager acknowledged that although he does not know precisely why the singer stopped working with him, he believes that one of the reasons could have been due to the failure of the Colombian superstar's latest album.

In an interview with the daily El Tiempo, Fernan Martinez Mahecha said that "the latest record, 'P.A.R.C.E,' is very good, very well produced," but it didn't sell well.

He added that the artist is very "sensitive" and that "a bad comment on Twitter affects him, more than 500,000 good ones," a possible reason why Juanes could have felt injured by something he saw on the social networks.

Martinez denied that his split with Juanes was a publicity "stunt," and he confirmed that he has had no contact of any kind with the singer since the latter announced via Twitter on May 24 that the pair were parting ways.

Regarding Juanes' withdrawal from live performance, Martinez expressed the opinion that that would be "temporary," adding that distancing oneself "from the media at times in the life of an artist is healthy."