Mexican singer Thalia presented her second child, Matthew Alejandro, whom she gave birth to just a month after the death of her mother, a period in her life that she described as a "tsunami" in an interview published by the magazine Hola!

The performer posed in the magazine with her baby, a large and strong child who "was born a gladiator" because he experienced "his first battle against sorrow" during his last month in the womb, when his grandmother, Yolanda Miranda, died.

The baby was born in New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital on June 25 and is the second child of Thalia and record executive Tommy Mottola, who already have 4-year-old Sabrina Sakae.

The singer said that she found that giving birth was an event surrounded by many feelings: "A bittersweet moment, of sadness and happiness, but in some way I was very present and enjoyed it a great deal," she said.

"Every contraction, every pain, seeing him come out and feeling him immediately on my chest, feeling his warmth, his life, injected hope and faith into me," she added.

Thalia said that she has just come through the "darkest" and the "most glorious" phase of her life. "It was like a tsunami and I scarcely understand what happened."

Although she said she would like to have more children, she confessed that right now she wants to finish up various projects, among them her new album slated to be released next year and the biography "Cada dia mas fuerte" (Stronger every day) that she plans to publish in November.