With a series of concerts and the relaunch of her most stylish all-time disc, Peruvian singer Diana Mera is celebrating a 10-year musical career that has been a time of triumph, a time of pain and of a serious health problem.

The new album, "Luz Azul" (Blue Light), is set for release Oct. 20.

"This disc includes the 11 songs from the CD 'Luz Verde' (Green Light), recorded in 2009 and which I couldn't promote because I was taken seriously ill and went almost two years without being able to sing onstage. I now offer these songs and two more that I recently recorded and which together, in some way, tell the story of miracles that I want to continue sharing with my fans," the artist told Efe in an interview.

Mera's first steps in show business were taken in Arizona where she was called to host a music-video show on Telemundo, but since her real passion was singing and songwriting, in 2001 she recorded her first songs, "Mi Vida sin un Sueño" (My Life without a Dream) and "Melancolia", with which she gradually began winning an audience.

During these 10 years she has created a repertoire whose chief characteristic is that "they're all a story about me, they're songs that have helped to heal many things, to express so much, and I believe my fans feel that as much as I do," she said.

Mera is getting ready to kick off a concert tour starting in California and continuing on to other U.S. states, paving the way for her scheduled 2012 tour of Latin America.