Actor Diego Luna, who attended the premiere of the film "Miss Bala" (Miss Bullet) in Mexico City, said that Mexicans are "in the midst of a war" that they have wanted to believe wouldn't affect them and that today is more their problem than ever.

"Miss Bala" tells the story of a young Mexican woman entangled in the world of drug trafficking but who wants to be a beauty queen.

"It's best when everything we do is related to the place we live and that we ask ourselves every day where we are and where we want to be. 'Miss Bala' leads us to do just that," the actor said on the red carpet at the Mexico City Theater.

Mexicans are "in the midst of a war that we wanted to believe was not affecting us and that today is more our problem than ever," Luna said.

The wave of violence unleashed by the clash between criminal organizations and of those mafias against security forces has left 40,000 people dead since December 2006.

"Miss Bala" is a film that, according to Luna, makes no judgments but does ask questions and invites reflection.

The film directed by Gerardo Naranjo that was shown at the last Cannes Film Festival will also be entered in the New York and Toronto festivals and will compete in the "Latin Horizons" category at Spain's San Sebastian Film Festival.

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