Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz is in Mexico for the shoot of a south-of-the-border version of NBC music competition show "The Voice."   

"I never in my life thought I was going to do a television program but I decided to do it and I don't have any regrets - I'm happy and besides I get to live in Mexico for two months," the artist said at the presentation of "La Voz de Mexico."

Sanz said that he followed the U.S. version of the program and that's what hooked him: "It's a very pure, very positive television format. Here nobody's trying to ruin somebody else's life, because the guys and gals come looking for a life as artists," he said.

The composer, who recently became a father for the third time, said new son Dylan also helped him decide to do the program, which had been offered him several days after his girlfriend, Raquel Perera, had the baby.

"I'm at a wonderful time in my life," Sanz said. The Spaniard has previously gone twice to Mexico and has filmed part of the programs that will begin to appear Sept. 11 on Televisa.

"La Voz de Mexico" is not a typical musical talent show and Sanz will not just be a juror or a professorial music teacher, but will actively train a chorus of singers that he himself will choose.

Sanz's rival associates are singers Lucero and Espinosa Paz and composer Aleks Syntek.

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