Television celebrity Laura Bozzo has joined the cast of the Mexican telenovela "Esperanza del Corazon" (Heart's Desire), in which she pretty much plays herself in the role of a talk show host.

Famous for her talk show "Laura," in "Esperanza del Corazon" the Peruvian will receive on her set one of the families in the telenovela in order to resolve their matrimonial dispute.

The sequences for this part of the episode were shot Wednesday on the same set where "Laura" is produced and with a live audience, just as is regularly done on her real show.

This is the Peruvian TV host's first appearance in a telenovela. "People are going to be very impressed when they see what we filmed for 'Esperanza del Corazon.' It's going to be incredible," Bozzo said.

According to a communique from the Televisa network, Laura didn't have to repeat a single take. "The first time - with me everything gets done the first time," she said.

Following her TV acting debut, Laura Bozzo has future plans for possible roles in the telenovela "Una Familia con Suerte" (Lucky Family) and the series "Mujeres Asesinas" (Murderous Women).

In the latter, the Peruvian host said that she hopes to be seen confronting an "unfaithful and abusive" man that she deals with in no uncertain terms.