Cruz Reynoso, Sowing the Seeds of Justice," a documentary about the first Chicano justice on the California Supreme Court, will air on PBS stations as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

"I have always admired Cruz Reynoso for his lifelong commitment to social justice, for the contributions he made to bringing legal services to the poor and protect voters' rights," filmmaker Abby Ginzberg told Efe.

"His life and career connect to important aspects of California and U.S. history, in ways that the younger generations still don't know," she said of her reasons for making the documentary.

Born 80 years ago in Brea, California, Reynoso is the third of 11 children of Mexican immigrants and was only 7 when he began working alongside his parents in the fields of Orange County.

Cruz Reynoso graduated from college with honors and won admission to the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, law school, where he was the only Latino in his class.

He served on the California Supreme Court from 1981-1986 and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2000.

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