Singer Franco de Vita said that while he considered canceling a scheduled concert in Monterrey after 52 people died in an arson attack in the northern Mexican city, popular demand overrode any concerns.

"We had to wait to see what happened" after last Thursday's blaze at the Casino Royale gambling parlor, the artist told a press conference in Mexico City.

"We saw that during the weekend there was activity, there was soccer, and that people continued buying tickets (for the concert), and we came to the conclusion that if Monterrey wanted us to come, we'll have to go," the Venezuelan said.

De Vita said he will acknowledge the "dramatic event" at the casino during his Thursday night concert in the city.

The singer-songwriter's latest album, "Franco de Vita en primera fila," has sold more than 90,000 copies in Mexico, and he thanked everyone who "has made the sacrifice" to shell out money for the disc.

After performing in Monterrey, De Vita will offer concerts in Mexico City - to be broadcast live on the Web - and Guadalajara before taking his tour to the United States.