Venezuela's Caramelos de Cianuro are back with a new, self-titled album showing that after more than 20 years, their rock still competes with the more strictly Latin American sounds like salsa and reggaeton.

The band still has its fans in a number of countries, lead singer Asier Cazalis told Efe on Monday in San Juan, where they are promoting the third single of their latest disc, "Verano" (Summer).

"They may not be rock fans, but they like what we do. Our rock isn't heavy, and when you record good songs, they're not identified with a single style," he said.

Cazalis said that while most young people go for reggaeton and salsa, they feel at home with the group's music because their songs reflect "the same concerns, joys and uncertainties" that the listeners feel.

The Caramelos de Cianuro (Cyanide Candy) started up in 1989 when Cazalis and guitarist Miguel "The Midget" Gonzalez would get together at their houses to make up songs for the girls at school.

Cazalis said he was excited to be back in Puerto Rico after two years away touring Latin America and Europe, where they gave concerts in Madrid, Barcelona and other Spanish cities, and in Milan, Italy.

The group will continue with their tour promoting their new disc in Colombia, Argentina, Panama, the United States and Venezuela.