Colombian singer Fanny Lu presented Friday the video of her single "Fanfarron" (Show-off) to promote the launch of her third album, "Felicidad y Perpetua," which goes on sale in October.

"'Fanfarron' not only speaks of love, but of all the places where someone can be a loud-mouthed show-off. It's pretty much a warning to have your radar ready to detect them," the singer said in a telephone interview with Efe.

The video was recorded in Los Angeles by famed Colombian director Simon Brand, with whom the Cali-born singer worked previously in "Tu no Eres para Mi" (You're Not for Me) and "Celos" (Jealousy).

The number that Lu premiered at the Premios Juventud youth awards in Miami on July 22 is the first promotional single of her third album named after two female martyrs, Felicidad and Perpetua, who gave their lives for what they believed in, and who, according to, were chosen by Fanny Lu as the best representation of what she sought to express in her new disc.

The album features 10 songs written for the artist with collaborators including Chino y Nacho, Dalmata, Zion y Lennox and Magic Juan.

Fanny Lu said she has worked hard to get established as a singer - a childhood dream - though she studied in France, and in her own country graduated in industrial engineering.

"My dad was very strict, he was a lawyer, and he thought that the best inheritance he could leave me was education, so he made me promise I would get my degree," she said.

Though her father died when she was in her second year of college, she finished her studies because, she said, "it was very important to keep my word to my father."