Cuban-born actor William Levy appears on the cover of People en Español, which selected him for its special issue on the sexiest men of the year, with which the magazine is commemorating its 15th anniversary.

The list of the 15 sexiest also includes actors David Zepeda, Jencarlos Canela and Aaron Diaz and singers Ricky Martin, Pitbull and Larry Hernandez.

Levy, who recently separated from actress Elizabeth Gutierrez, told the magazine that the mother of his two children still has an important place in his life.

The heartthrob, who also this year made People en Español's list of the 50 handsomest men, told the magazine that his children are his "life."

"I'm super-happy, it's the loveliest thing I've had in my life. They're incredible," said the actor, who splits his time between Miami - where the children live with their mother - and Los Angeles.

Levy, who filmed a music video with Jennifer Lopez, to whom he was linked after she split with husband Marc Anthony, also told the magazine that he had not closed the doors to love, but it's not his main objective at the moment.

"If something happens tomorrow with someone I know, that would be welcome because I love love. But, I'm focused on my work, my kids, my family," said Levy, who thanked Lopez for inviting him to be a part of her video.