Puerto Rican rap duo Calle 13 will be looking for a film director in drug-war-wracked Mexico to shoot the video of "La Bala" (The Bullet), a song about violence.

"We'd like it to be some young person living close to what's happening here," singer René Pérez, a.k.a. "Residente," said at a press conference in the Mexican capital.

The song describes the flight of a bullet from the instant it is shot until it hits a human body.

Residente and Eduardo "Visitante" Cabra are in Mexico to kick off the second part of a tour that will cover a large part of Latin America.

Though they'd like to shoot the video of "La Bala" in Mexico, they're not saying that this is the only country suffering the scourge of violence.

"Violence does exist in Mexico, but you'll find it all over Latin America. It would be interesting to know why everyone is so eager to project Mexico as the violent country when there are so many violent countries," Residente said.

A conflict pitting rival drug cartels against each other and the security forces has claimed more than 40,000 lives in Mexico since December 2006.

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