Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias said he knows "exactly what's going on in Spain," and regretted that some Spanish media "have taken out of context" certain things he said about the 15-M movement and accuse him of not understanding or even having any interest in the problems afflicting his native land.

"I know exactly what's going on in Spain," the artist, who lives in Miami, told Efe. "It's no secret there are 6 million people unemployed, almost 22 percent of the population, and that Spain has been one of the European Union countries hardest hit by the crisis."

Enrique Iglesias was reacting to news published in the last few hours in different Spanish media about an interview the Spanish singer gave Revista 40 magazine in which he was asked about the 15-M movement.

"The 15-M? I don't know what that is," the artist said in the interview about a movement that in Spain has been dubbed the 15-M because it started last May 15 to protest austerity measures, though foreign media refer to it as the Spanish Revolution.

Enrique Iglesias, who in the interview said that outside of Spain the movement of the "indignados" is known as the Spanish Revolution, said that he is perfectly aware of the realities of his country, even though several media have accused him of having no idea of what goes on in Spain and lacking any interest in finding out.

"I'm up to date on what's happening, not only in Spain but in the world, because it would be irresponsible of me not to keep informed," the artist said, adding that he is also aware of "a movement of young people who have raised their voices in protest in the plazas of Spain's principal cities."

And he regretted that some media have "taken out of context with such premeditated treachery" what he described as "a misunderstanding in very bad taste."

"It's obvious there was a lot of bad faith on the part of whoever published that extract with the miserable intention of making money by selling a few more magazines or by getting a laugh at my expense," he said.