Spanish-language cable network Discovery Familia next week will launch the series "Artzooka!", which teaches young children to do handicrafts.

The program starts from the viewpoint that "there is art in everything and thee is an artist in every child," and it seeks to stimulate creativity in kids, teach them to express ideas and feelings, build confidence and encourage them to try new things.

Consisting of 26 episodes, the series is hosted by Argentina's Bruno Lazzaro and includes segments taped with children from Latin America who are enjoying themselves onscreen while they create small handicrafts and challenge the host to do more.

"Being the host of a crafts program for kids is a completely new experience for me. I was trained as a dancer, actor and singer, not as a plastic artist," the 26-year-old Lazzaro said.

He added that "at the time they were selecting the host for 'Artzooka!' they were looking for someone with crafts skill and a love for children and the arts. Things that, luckily, I possess. Then, they trained me to make handicrafts and ... with the step by step way that I explain it, they are very simple and easy to make."