Venezuela's musical duo Chino and Nacho said during the filming in Mexico of the video of their new single "El Poeta" (The Poet) that "whoever wins the Mexican public's heart wins all of Latin America."

A little house in Mexico City was the setting picked by the duo to film the video of their latest single from the second album of their career, "Supremo," soon to go on sale.

Previous numbers like "Mi Niña Bonita" (My Pretty Girl) and "Tu Angelito" (Your Little Angel) were big hits in Mexico, where the duo is now "full of enthusiasm to keep our career going the way it is," Nacho said.

The other half of the team, Chino, said that "for any artist in the world" it's important to captivate Mexico because whoever wins the hearts of its public "wins all of Latin America," adding that this market is outstanding "for the quality of its music."

"We fell in love with the place and we've already seen a lot of it - Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, and we've sung in Mexico City and we want to go on tour with our music around the entire Mexican republic," Nacho said.

The video of "El Poeta" was directed by Gustavo Garzon, whose curriculum includes working with other internationally renowned artists.

"We couldn't do it on the cheap and make a normal video, we had to look for the best, and Gustavo Garzon has directed videos for Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Gloria Trevi, so that was a chance we couldn't pass up and we're very happy" about our decision, Chino said.

The video tells of an argument between a young man and the father of his fiancee, who doesn't approve of his future son-in-law.

"That has happened to most young guys. I believe that not one father of all the girlfriends I've had liked me and I understand why - it must be hard to have a daughter and see her boyfriend pursuing such a dicey career as music," Nacho said.

In late 2010, the Venezuelan duo won a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Music Album. Now they want to lose the "reggaeton" label that has stuck to them and be, in their own words, "more romantic."

"I think the Latin youth market urgently needs a couple of guys to show a little affection for the ladies and instead of calling a girl 'Wildcat' or urging her to 'Despise Me,' to invite her instead to 'Love Me,'" Chino said.