Sofia Vergara, the Latino queen of U.S. television thanks to her role in the ABC series "Modern Family," which has brought her Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, appears this Friday in the premiere of "The Smurfs" on the big screen, an industry where she feels such honors won't come easy.

"An Oscar is impossible for me," the Colombian said decidedly in an interview with Efe. "To reach that level you have to play dramatic parts and I don't know if I'm going to do that. But that's okay, now I'm concentrating on comedy and I never thought I could be funny, so maybe I can do dramatic parts too."

Such a chance was handed her on a silver platter with "The Paperboy," a film by Lee Daniels with a screenplay by Spain's Pedro Almodovar, but Vergara finally had to refuse the role because of agenda conflicts. What would have been her part will be played by Nicole Kidman.

"I had to say no because they kept delaying it and on Aug. 1 the shooting starts for 'Modern Family.' Imagine! I'm dying to work in something by Almodovar. I had the part very clear in my mind and had auditioned with Daniels and the other actors," the actress said with undisguised regret.

For now her most immediate role is the family comedy "The Smurfs," a film in 3D by Raja Gosnell that mixes animation and live action, and features a cast that includes Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria and the voices of singer Katy Perry and George Lopez, among others.

"I was a fan of the "Pitufos" (the name used for Smurfs in Spanish) when I was growing up in Colombia in the '80s and my son also watched them in the '90s, so I was curious to see how they'd look in 3D and above all I wanted to work with Hank Azaria, one of my favorite actors," the 39-year-old actress said.