Argentine actress Juana Viale confirmed Monday that some of the intimate photos with her husband, actor Chilean Gonzalo Valenzuela, that have been posted online were stolen, but she claimed that others are fakes.

"Some of the photos belong to us" and had been taken with a cellphone stolen several months ago, the actress said.

"They are old photos, but private ones. Some others that are being included" on the social networks and Web sites "are not authentic," she told the daily Libre.

Viale, the 29-year-old granddaughter of popular television personality Mirtha Legrand, said that she has "a concrete clue" about who is responsible for having posted online photos in which she and her husband are naked and engaged in sexual activities.

"This ... causes repugnance in me. I've suffered a lot recently and my life is the subject of ongoing examination. In this case, there's a limit that should not be crossed," she said.

Viale was involved in a scandal in April when photos in which she was kissing former Argentine Economy Minister Martin Lousteau when she was in the final stretch of her recent pregnancy - shortly thereafter losing the baby - were publicized.

Valenzuela, who has one child with Viale, denied that the matter had led him to separate from his wife, and he asked for "peace" for his family.