Puerto Rico's Luis Fonsi is in Spain this week to present his new album "Tierra Firme," which contains 10 original compositions with which he hopes to reflect "the stability and maturity" of his career at this point, he said Tuesday in an interview with Efe.

"The album's title refers to a stable place, where one can express oneself better," said Fonsi, adding that his latest work remains faithful to his style, in which he mixes "romantic ballads with great lyrics, along with more rhythmic and danceable songs."

One thing that stands out about the new album, in contrast to what has been habitual in his earlier work, is that Fonsi decided to do without the cooperation of invited artists.

"My heart told me that this was the moment to leave them, to follow another road and defend - me alone and with my heart in my hand - these great songs I have," the musician explained.

Fonsi stated that currently "no concrete plan exists to record any of the new songs in English," although that is a door that he is keeping open.

In fact, the musician wrote English lyrics for two of the songs, but only "as a personal exercise and without any marketing intention."

On the subject of his stay in Spain, Fonsi said that he was a fanatic fan of flamenco, "something so elegant, so beautiful and (that) has so much feeling."

With regard to his tour to promote the new album, no firm dates have been set but Fonsi told Efe that it will begin in September and will run through the summer of 2012.