Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi admitted his romance with Spanish former beauty queen and model Agueda Lopez and said he is having "a very happy time" in this new relationship following his divorce from actress Adamari Lopez.

"We're sharing some very beautiful moments and we're taking it slow, without any kind of hurry or pressure," Fonsi said in the July edition of People en Español magazine, which he also told that his divorce from the Puerto Rican actress was not due another woman.

"In this jigsaw puzzle (of marriage), little by little we lost a piece of it along the way," the singer told the magazine, adding that before the situation became showbiz gossip, he decided to talk to Adamari Lopez and ask for a separation.

The Latin Grammy-winning recording artist said that both fought to save their relationship and that was why the actress accompanied him on his concert tour of Spain in mid-2009, something she had never done before.

"The two of us cried together. It was the hardest decision I have taken in my life, but it was what my heart asked of me," the artist told the magazine, without mentioning the agreement he came to with Lopez about the embryos they had frozen before the actress underwent chemotherapy previous to their marriage.

"I'm never going to turn my back on her in that sense," said Fonsi, who is promoting his new disc "Tierra Firme."