Puerto Rican singer Jose "Fofe" Abreu and his group, Fofe y Los Fetiches, have included a number of social themes among the songs on their first album, including the number "El conquistador," which the group dedicates to kids addicted to glue-sniffing.

Abreu told Efe on Monday that "El conquistador" was inspired by the thousands of Latin American youngsters who leave home seeking a better life but end up becoming glue-sniffing addicts.

"Those kids are going to conquer the world, but the world conquers them," said the leader of the band, which will make its debut with its first album in October.

The artist recalled that the inspiration for the song emerged during a trip to Mexico with the group Circo on which he witnessed glue-sniffing among kids living on the fringes of society.

Fofe, a psychologist by training, said he decided to include the term "fetiche" (fetish) in the new group's name to make "a nice play on words" and create curiosity about "what the objects of desire and pleasure are" in their songs.

He also said that although he has joined a new group, he still belongs to Circo, which in 2001 became the first Puerto Rican rock band to be nominated for a Latin Grammy.

"We announced an indefinite hiatus at a music festival in 2009. I gave the musicians a vacation so they could do what they wanted. Circo hasn't died," he emphasized.