In her forthcoming CD, "Pecados y Milagros" (Sins and Miracles), Mexican singer Lila Downs sings of those extraordinary moments in life gestated by art and the womb, after having known herself what it is to give birth.

On Friday the artist kicks off in the northeastern city of Girona a concert tour of Spain, during which she will feature two or three numbers from her new disc that goes on sale at the end of the year and which reaffirms her faith in life.

"Motherhood has made me a better person, because it makes you more responsible and you appreciate life more," she said in an interview with Efe.

"Pecados y Milagros," a production about evenly divided between original and traditional numbers, also refers to other kinds of miracles.

"They are inspired by the colonial baroque altarpieces of Mexico," she said, but also by the artist Alfredo Vilchis, a "narrator of contemporary miracles" - whose work she discovered only a short while ago - and which portrays such scenes as Mexican pro wrestling, the 9/11 attack in New York and the March 11, 2004, terrorist bombings in Madrid.

On her new disc Downs does, in fact, descend at times into the dark side of life.

"We have all sinned and also have an idea of what that means. It always gets a laugh when I say it, because the first thing that comes to mind are sins of the flesh, but there's also the other side, which is all about power, about being a leader and having responsibilities, which is what I focused on," she said.