Nicaraguan salsa star Luis Enrique has given a big break to young singers Prince Royce and Alex Cuba on his new disc, "Soy y Sere" (I Am and Will Be), which goes on sale July 19.

"It's great to share music with people you connect with," the 48-year-old "prince of salsa" told Efe. The singer said that the chance to record with Prince Royce came while he was working on his new disc with Puerto Rican producer Sergio George, because he saw him as "an honest young guy with good vibes."

Geoffrey "Prince" Royce Rojas, 22, who received a 2010 Latin Grammy nomination for Best Tropical Contemporary Album for his self-titled CD, recorded with Luis Enrique the salsa number "Sabes" (You Know).

Royce told Efe that though he is known for the bachata, it wasn't hard to record salsa because for him, "singing is singing, whatever the rhythm."

"I'm an artist and I love working in different categories, because of the way I was brought up surrounded by Latin American music in New York," he said.

With Alex Cuba, winner of the 2010 Latin Grammy for Best New Artist, Luis Enrique wrote five songs for "Soy y Sere," including "Lo que Soy, Fui and Sere" (What I Am, Was and Will Be), which they sing as a duet.

The launch of "Soy y Sere" comes two years after the album "Ciclos" (Cycles), which won the Nicaraguan artist some prestigious prizes like the 2009 Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album and the 2010 Latin Grammy for Best Tropical Latin Album.