Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes confirmed Tuesday that he ended his "professional relationship" with his long-time agent, Fernan Martínez, but denied that he was going to shift his activities away from music and devote himself to political activity, going on to say however that he intended to take a break of a little more than a month to focus on his family.

"It's true that my professional relationship with Fernan ended," the writer of "La camisa negra" and "A Dios le pido" tweeted on his Twitter account.

He added right away, though, that "it's not true" that he was thinking of involving himself in political activity, adding that he thought that possibility was just "a joke."

This is the first confirmation from Juan Esteban Aristizábal, known professionally as Juanes, regarding the end of the link with Martínez, his promoter and manager for the past decade and a Colombian journalist who worked in the past with Julio and Enrique Iglesias.

The artist announced that he was going to spend a little more than a month away from his musical career and devote his time and energy to his family, adding - also on Twitter - that although he is canceling three concerts in the United States, he is completely "ready" for his performing tour through Spain in July.

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